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I hear a lot of people backlashing against religious freedom laws, but lets explore the curious case for it.

I don’t know the exact bill in question, nor its wording, but I’m sure you can find things you disagree with just about any bill. In this article we’ll look at the notion that Christian Wedding businesses need protection against lawsuits.

Let’s explore this with the basics to start:

1) Many Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin.

2) The issue of wedding services is a holy engagement that involves prayer and asking for God’s blessing.

3) If you take an issue of sin, and try and make sin holy: This is a grave evil.
Asking God’s blessing on sinning increases the severity of the sin. So when a homosexual couple tries to force their will on a Christian wedding company, to do something against their will, they’re trying to make the Christian do something that they feel is evil. How could many people be so interested in pushing good and loving people to do corrupt things against their will? They say that this issue is similar to the civil rights era.

This comparison is completely inaccurate. The cause of homosexuality is nothing like the cause of racism. I know it is tempting to lie to gather people on your side, but lets explore one of many reasons why the two differ:

1) People didn’t want to serve blacks because they hated them out of racism, but Christians are called to love everyone.

Racism says to hate people before you meet them. Christians are called to be good and loving to all. The two are absolutely incompatible, and anyone who says different is lying to themselves. Jesus gave us a new commandment to love others as he loved. And we know that Jesus loved us so much that he died for us. We should be loving so much that we’re willing to lay down our lives for others. So to hate someone out of their race or sexual orientation is nothing a Christian should ever be doing.

So Christians behaving properly don’t hate homosexuals. Christians don’t want to restrain service out of hatred. They simply don’t want to be pushed to do something evil against their will. How would you like it if someone tried to make you do something against your morals? You wouldn’t like it. It’d make you feel dirty. This is what happens to Christian Wedding businesses when they’re forced to do something against their will.

Christian Wedding Services are an extension of the church of Jesus Christ and they’re called to be holy. You can’t force a pastor and church to marry you if they don’t want to. I know pastors even resign because of this right. If you can’t force a pastor to marry a couple, why should people be allowed to force a Christian marriage business to do something against their will either?

It is as simple as that. People should not be forced to do something that they feel would be evil in the eyes of a good and pure God. I’m all for rights for all human beings. But once one group’s rights start to attack another group’s rights, you’ve crossed the line. Homosexuals should not have the right to force other people to do something against their will. Without some sort of religious protection today, Christian businesses are being forced to either go out of business, or embrace doing things that are evil in the eyes of God.

Lets close with prayer:

Lord Jesus,

We always want to do what is good and loving. We look for your blessings in our lives. Please help America to be blessed. Please help America not allow one group of people to attempt to force righteous people into going against their will and do evil in Your eyes. And also as this goes on, please soften our hearts to be more forgiving. The temptation is there to be upset with people who try and force us to do evil. Look, it feels awful to be made to do something against one’s own morals when you want to be good instead. So instead of being upset at being forced out of business and losing a way to support one’s family, we must be forgiving. We can not fall into hate for people who try and make us do evil.

We can not fall into hate for people who have us lose our ways of supporting our families. No one likes getting fired from their job or the business they started up with their own blood, sweat, and tears. It feels especially bad to lose your business because of evil reasons.


Help us to be good and loving still in the face of this. This world is not our home. We look to your eternal kingdom as our home. We ask that you bless America so people keep their rights, but not at the expense of another group’s rights.


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