Judge Not Harshly, But Judge Righteously

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This isn’t something that comes easily without some degree of compromise in the life of a fallible, depraved wretch like you or I. We’ve been saved by grace through faith in Christ, and that’s why they call it amazing grace. However, the grace isn’t an excuse for inaction, foolish action, or aimless seeking of personal satisfaction alone. I know there …


Even Losers Get “Lucky” Sometimes

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Photo Credit: http://www.jesuspersevered.org/blog/why-does-a-good-god-let-bad-things-happen-james-117 Disclaimer: Opinions expressed by website attributed with the photo credit are their own, FSS does neither claim to advocate or disagree with them explicitly. If your first thought on reading the title is, “Don’t call people names.”, you’re in the right boat. As Christians we’re called to love everyone and not call people names. Who is a loser …