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Victor Nunez : Author

Victor Nunez


Victor Nunez came to know Christ at a young age, and found out fairly early in life that he was a good writer. When a life detour led him to take a break from his studies at the University of Miami back in 2006, he decided it best to use his writing abilities to bring God glory and start a website that would share that content with others. He met Jim Sager who also had a passion for sharing the Word of God and the website's journey began back in March '09.

Victor has also began writing some individual books, the first of which is "The Art of Fearing God". It is complete, and he is currently seeking a literary agent to help him find a publisher that shares the vision for the book. A second book tentatively titled "Unfollow" is also under way as the "Art of Fearing God" draft gets some revisions. Some of Victor's favorite hobbies include strategy games such as Billiards, Poker, and Starcraft II (PC game). He also enjoys the beach, watching new movie releases, and he desires to figure out ways to glorify God even through his hobbies. He sincerely believes that a major part of his calling is to be an author, and believes that FatherSpiritSon is a great opportunity to continue to share the Word of God to all who are willing to read.

We're very excited to offer both articles to new believers and other articles that pertain to a current believer furthering their walk as a man or woman of God. Thank you for passing by our website, I pray that God blesses all our readers including you, and if you desire to contact us we'd be thrilled to dialogue with you. Our contact us section is for that purpose and inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner. You may also be interested in checking out some of Victor's YouTube Bible studies. You can find them at www.youtube.com/FSSPodcast, it is our prayer that the articles on this website and the videos would be a blessing to you.

James Sager : Author

James Sager


Hello, my name is Jim Sager. I was a Christian when I was young, but as a teenager I drifted away from the faith. I still tried to be good under my own rules, but of course that always fails. Fortunately for me when I was 26, God directly acted in my life and let me know he is real and Jesus is LORD. Graduated Carnegie Mellon University 2003, Scientific Computing. I make video games and do programming work now.