Reflection of God

Reflection of God

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You and I were made in the image of God. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. We should consider this in the context of being friends of God, ambassadors for Jesus Christ, slaves to Jesus Christ, and heirs and co-heirs with Him for all of eternity. We have been grafted into the family of God. Thankfully as we are justified through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ – we don’t have to worry about working to earn our salvation. Being saved in and of itself, although we don’t deserve it, should encourage us to do good works. It’s not based on solely duty or obligation, but rather of gratitude for God’s lavish grace and mercy that have provided us a way of escape. An escape not only from the present temptations and dangers we face daily, but an escape from eternal torment in hell.


As God’s ambassadors, among other descriptors we can observe in His Word about ourselves, we are responsible for representing Him. Not only should we reflect the character attributes that the Holy Spirit emits through us when we are around non-believers, but also our fellow believers to whom we also provide an example. We surely don’t want to cause anyone to stumble on the basis of our behavior. Furthermore, examples set aside for a moment, we are encouraged to take this stand in our lives regardless. Even if we were the only person left on the face of the earth, we should do what we do as if we were doing it unto God Himself. In the scenario of the modern era, we face this task daily. Doing our work as if unto God, and in the process setting an example to those around us, that we are different. Not because we are superior, but because we have diligently submitted our lives to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


Even when we aren’t sharing or preaching the Gospel, we are speaking volumes about our character to those who know we are believers. The way I comport myself with someone when I am sharing God’s Word with them, ought to be congruent with the way I do so when we might be interacting in other scenarios. Are we sharing peace, love, joy gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, patience, or self-control? Do the fruits of the Spirit shine through all our actions? Do we set our hearts and minds on the things above? When you set your heart on the things of eternal importance, you’ll notice that projecting positive ideas to others becomes natural.


We must remember that our ultimate purpose is to bring God glory. This can be done by attempting to glorify God from the smallest matters to the biggest. One of the best ways to do this is to clothe/feed the poor. While we might not always take the time to do this hands on, we can help contribute to those who do so by giving monetary or tangible gifts to help accomplish such a mission. This is like giving directly to God Himself, and it’s an important part of being a believer, that we should not neglect, when it is in our power to do so.


Sharing the Gospel is a critical component to bringing God glory. The Bible says that wise men win souls in Proverbs. While we ourselves aren’t doing the conversion, we can consistently plant seeds and hope that they initiate a greater impact than meets the eye. There will be times where as a believer we might not even notice we’re setting a positive example, but the reality is that some of our work will yield fruit in the lives of others. Your voice may be the closest to a Bible some people get, and with this in mind you ought to be cautious with how you deliver the Gospel. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect, but share what you know in truth and love. Certainly with some practice, you’ll likely be able to do so in a more comprehensive fashion, but remember God’s Word doesn’t return void. As long as you aren’t spreading error and present your life as a living sacrifice (exemplary believer), I truly believe you can only do good. That’s why it’s so important for us to keep a pure testimony and avoid sinful desires as the Holy Spirit empowers us to do so. We could be confusing the world when our lifestyles and what we preach don’t match.


As the process of sanctification, that is becoming more Christ-like, continues in our life – we can be sure that our example becomes more powerful. What once rattled our cage and caused us to grow angry, now is only cause for a brief shrug of the shoulders. Once we might have struggled to resist certain temptations, but now we’ve been delivered by God from entertaining the prospect of them in our minds. People notice some of these things and we’re often leading by example when we don’t even realize it. Let’s continue to seek God and His Kingdom first, so that everything would continue to fall into its proper place. We don’t have to acquire all the answers in order to share a solid, Godly testimony. All we need to do is seek God and prayerfully consider His will in our lives. We aren’t perfect, so don’t let this mislead you into thinking that you’ve arrived at perfection. However, we need to remember that God fills the gaps of our shortcomings. Surrender it all to Him, and don’t worry about all the little details.


I pray that you would reflect God in everything you do. I desire to set a positive example in this manner as well. This will come naturally to you over time. Stay persistent and keep working at it, don’t assume that you’ve arrived to the apex of this endeavor. There’s always room for us to improve as human beings. As by God’s grace you fix one sinful behavior, there will be other things that we’ve gained a keener sensitivity to. Tackle these obstacles one at a time and try to avoid starting any new sinful behavior. Especially aim to avoid besetting sins, those sins that become habitual sin, are the toughest to boot out of our lives. Surrender all these areas to the Lord, I know I still need to surrender regularly. Everyone should take active steps to make sure the devil doesn’t grab any footholds or strongholds in our lives. In the name of Jesus Christ let us demolish these arguments and strongholds while we reflect God by the measures we take.


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