God Loves You and Walks With You.

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Remember, God loves you and walks with you. God is with you and loves you.

Joshua GNT 1:9  Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for I, the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go.”

If your life isn’t up to what you’d expect if you had a deity along your side wanting what is best for you, think just a bit. What if what is best for you isn’t getting everything in life at others’ expense? If you hit the lottery tomorrow, you might then have other people work for you. And if you indulge in luxuries, you have people working just for your own personal desires. That is one example of how getting what you want isn’t always ideal for the world. But also, we can think about how if God wants your attitude to be more like Christ, working values, morals, and virtues into you often doesn’t take an optimal path of no resistance. How could God teach you endurance if you never had to resist anything? Anyway, that is a quick intro to explain the quite often lazy thought,”If God is with me, why isn’t everything awesome?”

Romans (GNT) 8:28 We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him,[a] those whom he has called according to his purpose.

I’d rather talk more about how it is awesome to have God with you though. God loves you more than any mother has loved her child. God loves you more than you can know even if you know this.  God is truly in your corner and he loves you as you are right now, but he wants you to get better. Once you understand how much God is for you, it might encourage you to want to be in his will more.

To be in God’s will, you should become more like Jesus. “Wait? How do I do that. I’ve been the communal swimming pool before, and not once have I had a chance to walk on water. I can’t do miracles, so how do I become more like Jesus?” The key is taking up his attitude, his love and his goodness. So be good and loving to all. Never be a jerk to people unless you’re just playing around and they’d appreciate it as a joke. If someone does something bad to you, don’t aim to get even, don’t even expect to even get compensation, but forgive them and accept losses that come your way. There’s a lot of ways to be more like Jesus. Read the Bible for ideas on how. And if you pray often as you should, don’t be surprised when miracles do happen.

A more advanced note for some of you who are well on your way: The Bible often talks about taming the tongue. No profane talk should come from your lips. Take a moment before speaking and censor yourself before you talk. It takes a lot of effort at first, but later, it becomes natural after a few years. You’ll still slip up here and there, but in the long run, you’ll be more consistent in using language beautifully.

The next stage after that is taming your thoughts. I don’t know about you, but I think crude thoughts here and there for no reason. I find when this happens, I focus on something beautiful like clouds, or a beautiful meadow. If I can focus on something of God’s creation that is majestic and pure, my thoughts don’t go rogue. There are times when you’re supposed to be holy, and you don’t want to be thinking something unholy. If you catch your thoughts going crude in a holy situation, another thing you can do is pray some premade prayers. I often like to think,”I pray everyone had food and world hunger would go away. I pray people who are sick would get cured. I pray we have good government for the people. I pray more people have faith in Jesus.” Simply by having some prayers to distract yourself, you might forget the assailing crude thought. And when a time is holy, selfless prayers are a welcome fragrance to God from the event.

It is hard, very hard to tame your thoughts. And before you come to Jesus, you don’t even know that is something you’d have to do. What is nice about taming your thoughts to be in line with good and not selfishness is that it does make progress on changing who you are. Over time, fighting against a crude thought becomes less of an issue as you train yourself to deal with it. Again, this is very advanced stuff, and takes even more years to fix than taming the tongue. But I thought I’d share.

Just know God is with you. Prayers don’t always have to be worded perfectly, because God knows your heart and what you mean over what you say. God even knows what you mean if you pray with intense desire in your heart for something. We should not be in want, but sometimes, wanting something to happen to God is a form of a prayer even if you don’t use words.

I enjoy my prayer time with God at night where I sit down and say my prayers I try and pray every day, thank God for stuff, then just spend time with God talking about how things are going in my life in the world. If you take time just to sit down and talk with God over your standard prayers of asking for stuff, you can get a form of peace. Like some look up at the stars and feel a sense of peace, or some might listen to sea shore music at night to get a sense of peace, just sitting down talking about your life to God gives one a sense of peace. Tell God about your day, how you think you want things to go, what you want to do for the next day, and this also makes for a good to do list. Knowing God is up there, listening intently to you talk about your day and things you liked about the day relieves a lot of stress. Breakthrough and Miracles can happen at any moment with God, yet humble duties might go on for decades. Try not to talk bad to God, but always be in reverent submission to his will. You can say you’re going to do this or that, or you want him to do something, but always end with that it is his will be done. Don’t listen to the cult-like theology some have that misinterpret a part of the Bible that you can will your prayers into existence if you really will it out. Just believe God can do it, but it is up to God’s will to make it happen or not. There’s no surprise the LORD’s Prayer goes:” Our Father who art in Heaven, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…” I try and end my big prayers with the LORD’s prayer.

Whether or not you’re Christian or not, I hope you can’t shake the notion that God just might be walking with you in all you do. The idea is that God wants you to be good, and can satisfy you greatly if you take the path of goodness. Also if you try and go bad, you’re blessed indeed if God doesn’t let you ever enjoy the fruits of wickedness because he wants you to go good. God can make it so a wicked person is never satisfied or at peace in order to help them become good so they’ll have a good eternity. But if you’re determined to want to be good, you can ask for anything that you think would be good, and God might do it. Even people doing bad can ask God for stuff in prayer, but it is better to try and be in good standing with God. You’re kinda like the Green Lantern when it comes to prayer, but instead of just being limited by stuff, you can ask for anything happening. Fortunately people don’t get everything they ask for because logic itself would have been corrupted already. This is why we say,”God’s will be done.”, since God checks what we ask against his plan unfolding and can say,”yes”, “no”, or,”I’ll do you one better.” to your prayers. I’ve seen all these happen. God does answer prayers and miracles do

So enjoy your walk with the notion that God isn’t just some lofty dude with a flowing beard sitting on a throne in a great palace in Heaven, but he actually bends down and cares about our personal lives. Tell him about your life, and use respect as if God is your greatest long term friend you have. I pray you have more faith in Jesus. He loves you.