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When we face situations in life that cause us discomfort, inconvenience, or annoyance we meet a circumstantial crossroad. We can confront the same situation with an attitude of patience and self-control, or we can face it with intolerance and haste. A lack of discretion on our part can cause the same scenario to be exponentially more difficult for us. (V*1).

Today, I boarded a flight from Miami, FL. to Dallas, TX., and I personally witnessed someone exercise great prudence. The flight staff decided to change her seat, without her consent, from a window seat to an aisle seat. She could have stirred up trouble, and I am most certainly not condoning their choice of adjusting her seat, but she decided to accept their choice. A moment of frustration was deliberately set aside, and instead she remained focused on the bigger picture. She was on her way home after a pleasant vacation, and she had no desire to contaminate her experience with a toxic airport scene at the tail end of her stay. Much less due to a trivial problem that she essentially had little to no control over. (V*2).

This same situation could have been blown out of proportion very easily. Someone else could have asked for management to clarify why their seat was changed. Granted they would have been well within reason to do so, but their relatively small inconvenience could have caused the other half of the flight to board late. She might have voiced her concerns, and subsequently had to settle for her seat change. The policy likely has some standing loophole regarding those who pay for preferences like aisle seats to receive them in priority over those who obtained their tickets earlier. Even if you had previously been designated such a position, they retain the right to assign you a new seat occasionally. Some might have taken this route, perhaps insisting that letting people trample over your position is a violation or think that out of principle the airline was out of line.

They may or may not be, but sometimes silently accepting certain small realities outside of our control is superior to vocalizing our discontent. It reminds me of the scriptural reference to “turning the other cheek” found in the Gospel accounts, except we’re not being inflicted pain by an evil person. It should be easier in this context to turn the other cheek, because in reality the outcome isn’t severely hindering us. (V*3). Either way she would have had the same seat flying back home, and this way she maintained her peace. She didn’t spend energy unnecessarily on a situation that likely would have been met by heavier frustration, squabbling over a small matter, expending unnecessary energy in an angry state, and delaying her fellow travelers. It was considerate of herself and other people around her to take the path of least resistance this time.

In my case I faced a similar situation moments later, and I don’t think I faced it with the grace I could have. I was told to check my carry on bag measurements, as it was too thick. I cooperated, but I was quickly defensive. “This bag has gone on carry on with me for at least 5 flights without trouble.” I reluctantly removed a scarf and an iPad, put it back in the measurement mechanism, and the lady told me it was now good to go. Instead of defending myself I could have taken the same actions, and not wasted my breathe trying to rationalize it. In cases where we actually need to defend ourselves, such as in the court of law, we know that we can count on the lead of the Holy Spirit to help us say what we ought. (V*4). In this particular encounter, it wasn’t necessarry to get caught up in defensiveness to any degree. The lady in question wasn’t out of line in tone, and she was simply doing her job. Truth is my bag probably had a couple more items than in past flights, and she had a point in getting it checked.

Of course, I didn’t cause a scene or a major stir up, but I had a momentary lapse of discretion and I didn’t handle this case with as much finnesse as I might normally. Now you might be thinking, “Victor, this is a small situation. Given the hustle of boarding an airline,what you said wasn’t a big deal.” That’s basically my point, we’re great at rationalizing things to suit our side. Occasionally I am too hasty to defend my points of view, and blow minor circumstances exponentially out of proportion. I don’t want to establish a lifestyle of whining by any stretch of the imagination.

I am a problem solver, an asset to the Kingdom of God. By God’s grace a blessing anywhere I go. This isn’t a matter of pride, it’s a matter of identity. My identity is rooted in Jesus Christ, therefore I am an adopted son of God. An heir and co-heir with Christ. (V*5). As an ambassador of His I have an obligation, out of my gratitude to His grace and generosity, to reflect the fruits of the Spirit and share God’s love as a way of life. (V*6 & V*7). Time is too scarce to spend it frustrated, whining, setting a bad example, unduly angry, or bitter. (V*8).

We need to let go of the things that hold us back from running the race of our lifetime with perseverance. A race that we run not for our own sake, but for the sake of God’s glory. (V*9). I didn’t make time to ask that lady if she was a believer. Yet I know that her grace, mannerisms, and flexibility displayed that she might be one. If one were to view the entirety of my life, God willing someone would arrive to the same conclusion. Hopefully at the very least if we saw the highlight reel! If they only saw the instance of me defending my fat bag, they might not see it though. (V*10).

We also need to remember we aren’t perfect by any means, but simultaneously not think of small matters too insignificant for us to take into account. In the Word of God we see that He explains to us that whether it is a small or a large matter, whether it is openly known or hidden, whether it is a good thing or an evil one – they will all be brought into judgment in the Hands of the Almighty. (V*11). Thankfully while He is perfectly just, and His judgment is perfect, He is also merciful and gracious with us. He knows we have flaws, and He sees all the angles we don’t. As men and women we only see the exterior, but God can judge even our interior motives.

When that police officer wrote you the ticket that you deserved, he didn’t consider how much stress you were under from your home life, work, and the significance of the urgency you were rushing to. You broke the law and he gave you the ticket you deserved in human sight, but he didn’t have the capacity to look deeper and extend grace due to circumstantial considerations. He may have heard your brief, but severely rushed, limited, and animated explanation. Unfortunately the emotion only led him to think you were building up sympathy in the way so many before you with illegitimate excuses also tried to convey. In his mind his job now only had to be more rigidly enforced, now no exception could be made.

God doesn’t operate within the parameters and limitations of man. Praise the Lord, He can see where our hearts and minds were at any given time past, present, or future. He can see the external, internal, financial, physical, visible, invisible, mental, Spiritual, and every other aspect of our beings. He can process all of the surrounding circumstances simultaneously to make the optimal choice in regard to consequences. He’s making a choice that takes more into account than we can ever imagine, and He is going to make it for every single human being who has ever lived. (V*12). As believers we can rest in the comfort that he is judging us based on what we have done for Him. We may still see temporal, significant, earthly consequences for our sin. He will still bring them to justice in His own way, and he corrects those of us whom He loves. However, as believers we will ultimately be judged from an eternal standpoint based on what we’ve done right. Non-believers will face a Judgment Day that will entail the terror of knowing their sinful nature has separated them from God, and uncovering the reality that they didn’t get to know Jesus Christ, who paid the full price for their sins. Only then will they know that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess “Jesus is Lord” wasn’t a mere myth, but a shocking reality to them. (V*13). Even some who thought themselves in the flock will say “Lord, Lord did we not prophecy in Your name? Did we not perform such and such deeds in Your name?” He will tell them “Depart from Me, I never knew you.” (V*14). They didn’t commit to a relationship with Jesus Christ, they only arrived to a superficial knowledge of the Word.

We need to know God, and to do so we know Jesus Christ is the only Way! Likewise we want not to only know His Word mentally, but by the lead of the Holy Spirit and His grace operating in our lives, we want to obey Him. What good is it to us to have knowledge if we don’t have the wisdom to execute our lives on its basis? Our willingness to cooperate with God will shape how easily we adapt to His will, mold our character to His desires for us, and avoid incurring more trials to arrive there. If God has chosen us among His elect, which He has if you are a true believer (V*15), then we must recall He corrects those He loves. Do you think He would choose you, and allow you to continue to live in sin without consequence? No. He may let you join the flock, and deliberately sin against Him for a season, but eventually He will help you realize how out of line you have been. For some of us that takes a breakdown, financial woes, reaching rock bottom, or sometimes by the grace of God He allows us to adjust before we need to hit the dead end. More often than not though, I would venture to guess that in each of our own distinct ways, He lets us fall flat on our face in one or multiple ways. Then we come to the realization that His sovereign Hand is all we have left. He lets us know that while we walked through the valley of the shadow of death He was with us. (V*16). That we should be strong and courageous because He is everywhere with us. (V*17). He knew our life story was just beginning to get written, when we thought certainly this must be the end, as the world as we knew it came tumbling down.

God had to get our attention. We had to reprioritize the King of Kings. We had to submit to His will, and hopefully we didn’t spurn His correction to cause our suffering to be exponentially more severe. It’s fascinating how close I feel to God in the midst of my greatest adversities in life. I want to draw nearer to Him in all seasons of life. I don’t want it to take a revolutionary trial for God to capture my attention anymore. Likewise I want His desires over mine in all areas, and if in His wisdom He sees a difficulty the best way to arrive to the destination, then I would rather have a greater affliction with God than a smooth life without God. Look how many people are smoothly living worldly lifestyles. Don’t envy that life ever, don’t desire it. Steer course as far away from it as you can, because you and I can no longer plead ignorance. I have tasted of the goodness of God my entire life. I know that regardless of external circumstances my internal peace and rest is secure in Him. I know that Jesus Christ has atoned for my sin, and God’s wrath was satisfied upon His crucifixion, instead of my eternal doom in hell. Hell is what I deserve, but His amazing grace said no. He claimed me as one of His own, and I would want it no other way. (V*18).

I didn’t choose Him as I once thought. He chose me before I was even knitted together in my mother’s womb. I am among the elect, and I know that as such it’s my responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission. To him who has been entrusted much, much is required. The more capacity, opportunity, experience, knowledge, material blessings, resources, gifts, and talents we have – the more God desires a return on His investment. (V*19). We better focus on Him, and make frequent visits to the eternal bank, to make our deposits. Every time we sin we go to our eternal ATM and make withdrawals on blessings that are to be permanently established in Heaven. Likewise when we do God’s work we are making deposits. I don’t know what you personally desire, but I only want to get to Heaven poor in spirit not poor in Heavenly treasure. This world, this life, and everything in it is all a temporary arrangement. Let’s make the best of it for when it really counts. When we live for maximizing our pleasure on earth we aren’t seeing the big picture.

I am all for getting great sleep, sleep is a blessing from God. God’s yoke is easy and His burden is light. (V*20). He doesn’t want us to stress out striving for unobtainable goals. He wants us to put our faith in Him, and trust Him to fill in the gaps of our shortcomings. To do great things for His glory and delight. Seek first the Kingdom of God, delight the Lord, and in His timing in accordance to His will, He will bless you with the desires of your heart. (V*21 & V*22). When He is first, His plan becomes the plan He impresses on our hearts and minds. He knows we may want a spouse, a career that can empower us to build a family, that we need a car to navigate to and from school. God knows that we have day-to-day needs as well as long term needs. He knows we have Spiritual needs, physical needs, and even material needs.

He prioritizes our character and how He refines us, because we aren’t ready for the earthly blessings we might desire. Why would He give us what we think we could benefit from, if He knows they would become more idols for us to conquer. The heart has been said to be like a factory of idolatry, and we should all come to the realization that if left unchecked it will continue to make them.

John Calvin stated: “The human heart is an idol factory. Every one of us from our mothers womb is an expert in inventing idols.”

Ideas, careers, aspirations, hobbies, or even spouses that have come before God in our thoughts, motives, or actions. Things and even people that need to come second or later to God in life. Even ministry itself can become an idol if we are abandoning our responsibilities to love our core family. Theology, the Word of God, in the form of intellectualism can become an idol if we don’t remember that we have to walk the walk and talk the talk. Let’s not allow our sense of duty to super cede the clear glory that belongs solely to God. We don’t deserve it, we aren’t the stars of the show, Jesus Christ is the focus! We need to come to our senses immediately, confess our sins to God, seek His forgiveness, and forgive ourselves as we pursue His will going forward. (V*23).

When we keep sight of that grander plan, we may also enjoy pleasure, sex, and marriage. We can experience the joy of our salvation, along with all the other blessings of God when we respect His design and flawless sovereignty. What the devil attempted to use for our downfall, God can turn around and use for good. I stumbled in addictions like computer gaming, pornography, and compulsive gambling. Now those past lessons can be part of my future testimony. My life is a living testimony to God’s grace, and He led me to and through those storms. What affliction I may have faced as a byproduct of my disobedience or blessings I may have blocked because of my shortsightedness, God may restore in His time to the extent He desires.

Meanwhile I have a responsibility to learn from my mistakes, ask for forgiveness, forgive myself after God has forgiven me, and obey Him. Who am I not to forgive others, when He has forgiven the inexcusable in me?

C.S. Lewis once said: “To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”

One day within the scope of His plan He may provide me with a virtuous wife. (V*24). For now I can remain in my current life station by His grace, and enjoy the journey of a single believer. (V*25). I cannot defer my happiness or joy until my wedding day. (V*26). If anything life will become more challenging after that, as we are combining two lives and trusting God to mold them together as He sees fit. Abiding in His structure for marriage that He has generously disclosed to us in His Word. How special a woman would she have to be for me to embrace the idea of a godly union? A lifelong covenant cannot be taken lightly, but likewise we will both know when such an opportunity has clearly presented itself. Likewise, I must be the man of God, He has positioned me to become. In order for her to trust that marriage is a prudent choice for both of us she has to see that leadership potential in me the way God sees it. The day will come, but marriage isn’t simply a destination. I have to enjoy the journey, and then recall that marriage is another chapter in the book of continued living. My point is that we cannot allow ourselves to grab hold of marriage, a career, a graduation, or any future event to satisfy us later. It would only breed discontentment, and the truth is we could literally die waiting. Not one day is promised, so while we pursue God’s plan for the future, we also have to respect His timing. One can no more force a functional marriage of their own volition when they want it, let alone a God-ordained one, than command a lion to cease to eat its prey after an extended time hungry.

With God at the center, steering your life’s vessel, you never have to worry about getting permanently grounded or lost. You’ll see that despite rough seas, and distinct challenges, that there is refuge to be found in the Almighty. (V*27). He will never leave you or forsake you, and that’s a beautiful promise! (V*28). Take comfort in His leadership, and let each day worry about itself. (V*29). In many ways life is a brief moment, but in others it feels like a marathon rather than a sprint. Don’t grow weary in doing right for in due time you will reap the harvest. (V*30). When it is a grind, grind it out to the extent God allows, but take necessary leisure and rest to keep sane! Better to rest now than to burnout later, and risk sidetracking yourself for much longer. Don’t get caught overachieving when achieving God’s ideal is not a matter of over exertion, competition, or impossibility. God makes the impossible a possibility, just show up and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit all day every day. (V*31). Follow Him in your rest, hobbies, leisure, calling, work, and everything. There’s no better way to rest than knowing when you rest in stillness with God He fights your battles on your behalf. (V*32). He fights for you because you are His beloved son or daughter.

If He didn’t withhold his own Son to die on our behalf, how can we not trust that He will also freely give us all things of lesser importance? (V*33). Don’t doubt God’s provision for the temporal when He hasn’t withheld the eternal from us. He will bless us with our needs. He doesn’t need to give us what we think we want, or even what we think we need. If it is without merit, or He has something better in store, why would He? Let go and let Him surprise you. It’s hard for me too, I want too much control. So I remind myself, as I do to you now, give the control to God. There’s no one better to execute all things on our behalf, including the timing of when it’s appropriate for them to surface. Let your life be a life lived for the glory of God, your body and everything you have the capacity to do, a masterpiece built under the Hands of God. We are the clay, He builds us into the pottery He delights in. (V*34). He is the Potter. Those privileged to submit to this plan can be among the faithful, and those who don’t have something coming that I quite frankly wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. If God is drawing you to His heart, don’t hesitate any longer to make the most important decision of your life. (V*35). He may be deciding that it’s your time to come to Him because He doesn’t want you dead in your trespasses even one more day. Walk into the fullness of life and joy that only Jesus Christ offers. (V*36). Nobody has ever regret it, who understood God had their best interests in mind. I am so thankful I am one of His, because I know without Him I would be eternally lost and with Him I am more than a conqueror. (V*37). The words on this page do no justice to His rich grace, mercy, and providence. All things work out for good to those who love God, those who are the called according to His purpose. (V*38)

A small aside is that this article may have never come to light if the lady didn’t do her job, and tell me to restrict the width of my bag. Otherwise my iPad would have stayed in my bag, and I may have never written this on board during flight! What seemed like an inconvenience turned out to be a blessing in disguise. God is so good!

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At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
Psalm 16:11 (NKJV).

V*37- 37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37 (NKJV).

V*38- 28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 (NKJV).

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