It is good to praise God

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Psalm 45: 1 Beautiful words fill my mind, as I compose this song for the king. Like the pen of a good writer my tongue is ready with a poem.

When you come to praise God, you don’t have to use big words, but this is the Psalmist writing about Jesus. The following passage makes the most sense when you think about the king being Jesus and his wife being the church.

2 You are the most handsome of men; you are an eloquent speaker. God has always blessed you. 3 Buckle on your sword, mighty king; you are glorious and majestic. 4 Ride on in majesty to victory for the defense of truth and justice!Your strength will win you great victories! 5 Your arrows are sharp, they pierce the hearts of your enemies; nations fall down at your feet. 6 The kingdom that God has given you will last forever and ever. You rule over your people with justice; 7 you love what is right and hate what is evil. That is why God, your God, has chosen you and has poured out more happiness on you than on any other king.

It is great that Jesus is happy. After what he went through on Earth and because of who he is, he should be given all possible blessings. Jesus is deserving. We sometimes get blessings from God, but we’re undeserving as all of us have fell short of God. We should be thankful when God gives us blessings, but we did nothing to deserve them.

8 The perfume of myrrh and aloes is on your clothes; musicians entertain you in palaces decorated with ivory. 9 Among the women of your court are daughters of kings, and at the right of your throne stands the queen, wearing ornaments of finest gold. 10 Bride of the king, listen to what I say— forget your people and your relatives. 11 Your beauty will make the king desire you; he is your master, so you must obey him. 12 The people of Tyre will bring you gifts; rich people will try to win your favor. 13 The princess is in the palace—how beautiful she is! Her gown is made of gold thread. 14 In her colorful gown she is led to the king, followed by her bridesmaids, and they also are brought to him. 15 With joy and gladness they come and enter the king’s palace. 16 You, my king, will have many sons to succeed your ancestors as kings, and you will make them rulers over the whole earth. 17 My song will keep your fame alive forever, and everyone will praise you for all time to come.

Earthly kings try to ascribe honor to themselves. Some earthly kings want their subjects to worship them. Some people are just power mad on Earth. But Jesus is perfect. Jesus is deserving of all honor and praise. When you know Jesus suffered and died so we wouldn’t have to go to hell, you should be wise to worship him. When you realize that you’re also going to Heaven because of him, you should be thankful.

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